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Funding for Graduate Students

General funding information for the CCC Ph.D. Program

The CCC Ph.D. Program expects students to complete their doctoral studies in five years, a reasonable request given the multiple sources of financial support and professional mentoring CCC faculty will provide.  Students are expected to be actively involved in data collection, analysis, and other research activities during the summer months as well as the nine-month academic year.  CCC faculty will make these expectations clear to students when they enter the program and communicate regularly and frequently that time to degree should be five years.

First-year and second-year funding is awarded for student service as graders in foundational courses.  Thereafter, continued student funding will be multi-tiered and contingent on performance and adequate progress through the graduate program.  Funding for those qualifying students in years 3-5 will take the form of fellowship, research- or teaching-assistantships. Qualifying students will receive dissertation fellowships in their final year of study.

Participation in funded research should provide additional graduate support as well as offering critical research and training opportunities during at least part of the anticipated second through fourth years of funding.  The CCC Ph.D. Program will actively encourage and train students to pursue external funding.