Program Contacts

New Deans

The CCC faculty steering committee represents the three tracks of the CCC program. This committee admits students once each year, with applications due in early January. The steering committee also oversees program structure and policy and monitors student progress in required and elective courses, qualifying exams, and admission to candidacy.

Steering Committee Members*

Chair, CCC Program Director: Associate Professor Tonya Hansel, representing Social Work

Associate Professor Catherine McKinley, representing Social Work

Associate Professor Stephen Ostertag, representing Sociology

Senior Professor of Practice Chris Oliver, representing Sociology

Professor Adeline Masquelier, representing Urban Studies

Associate Professor Jesse Keenan, representing Urban Studies 

*Faculty research leaves may occasion interim appointments to the steering committee.  

CCC Program Support

Ann Schumacher, Assistant Dean for Graduate Programs, School of Liberal Arts

Andres Gonzalez, Sr. Program Coordinator, School of Liberal Arts – Interdisciplinary Programs


Above: Deans Kimberly Foster, School of Science and Engineering; Brian Edwards, School of Liberal Arts; Thomas LaVeist, School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine; and Iñaki Alday, School of Architecture, who were all appointed in 2018 (photo by Paula Burch-Celentano, © 2018 Tulane University)