Goals + Mission

CCC Faculty Teaching Students

The CCC Program’s goals are threefold:

To produce highly educated, flexible researchers with advanced theoretical and methodological skills that will guarantee their competitiveness in academic, governmental, non-profit, private, and public sectors

To equip students to create new methods, theories, and innovative approaches to the world's most challenging social and environmental problems, particularly as these play out in urban contexts

To stimulate partnerships among faculty, students, and community stakeholders to extend scholarship to benefit the New Orleans community and society-at-large

The intellectual ethos of the CCC Program focuses on interdisciplinary, integrative approaches in the social and environmental sciences, social work, architecture, law, and the humanities. Fostering broad-based cross-departmental and cross-school relationships, CCC connects disciplinary and interdisciplinary education and research.

Above: Professor Katherine Theall, School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, and researchers at presentations on Racial Disparities in Birth Outcomes (photo by Cheryl Gerber, © 2018).