Affiliated Faculty

Michele Adams

Michele Adams

Associate Professor, Sociology, School of Liberal Arts

(504) 862-3015 |

Sociology of Marriage and Family; Online Dating Relationship Trajectories; Sociology of Gender; Sociology of Culture; Social Theory; Social Psychology


Richard Ager

Richard D. Ager

Associate Professor, Director, Porter-Cason Institute, School of Social Work

Director, Center for Lifelong Learning, School of Social Work

(504) 862-3470 |

Addictions; Clinical Practice; Evidence-Based Community Practices


Iñaki Alday

Iñaki Alday

Dean, School of Architecture

Richard Koch Chair in Architecture

(504) 865-5392 |

Architecture and Urbanism; Climate Change; Adaptation; Interdisciplinarity


Katherine Andrinopoulos

Katherine Andrinopoulos

Associate Professor, International Health and Development, School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine

Program Director, International Health and Development MPH Program

(504) 988-4510 |

International Health & Development; HIV, Family Planning, Malaria


Rebecca Atencio

Rebecca Atencio

Associate Professor, Spanish and Portuguese, School of Liberal Arts

Director of Undergraduate Studies in Portuguese, Director of Gender & Sexuality Studies

(504) 862-3401 |

Contemporary Brazil; Memory Politics; Gender and Sexuality Studies


William Balée

Professor and Department Chair, Anthropology, School of Liberal Arts

(504) 862-3055 |

Cultural Anthropology; Amazonia; Historical Ecology; Ethnobiology


Carl L. Bankston

Carl L. Bankston

Professor, Sociology, School of Liberal Arts

(504) 862-3024 |

International Migration; Sociology of Religion; Sociology of Education


Robin Bartram

Robin Bartram

Assistant Professor, Sociology, School of Liberal Arts

(504) 862-3010 |

Urban Studies; Housing and the Built Environment; Inequality, Governance and Legal Studies; Gender and Sexuality Studies


Thomas Beller

Associate Professor, English

(504) 862-8173 |

The Short Story; The Personal Essay; Vignette; Urban Sketch; The Flaneur; Urban History; Basketball; Lead and Lead Poison; New York City; New Orleans


William E. Bertrand

William E. Bertrand

Wisner Professor, Global Community Health and Behavioral Sciences, School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine

(504) 865-5240 |

Surveillance Systems; Multi-Method Evaluation Information Systems; Social Epidemiology


Joan Blakey

Joan Blakey

Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, School of Social Work

(504) 862-3493 |

Trauma and Substance Abuse Among Women Involved with the Child Protection and Criminal Justice Systems


Fred Buttell

Fred Buttell

Professor, School of Social Work

Director, Elizabeth Wisner Center for Research on Children and Families

(504) 865-3486 |

Intimate Partner Violence; Batterer Intervention Program Evaluation; Community-Based Correction Programs


Edson Cabalfin

Professor of Practice in Design Thinking, School of Architecture

Director of the Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship Program

(504) 314-2368 |  

Intersections of Architecture History and Theory; Cultural Studies; Gender and Sexuality Studies; Postcolonial Theory; Southeast Asian Studies; Spatial Justice, Public Interest Design; Heritage Conservation


Richard Campanella

Richard Campanella

Senior Professor of Practice, School of Architecture

(504) 862-8453 |

Urban Geography; History and Demography of New Orleans


M. Pia Chaparro

M. Pia Chaparro

Assistant Professor, International Health and Development, School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine

(504) 988-4533 |

Social and Environmental Determinants of Obesity; Double Burden of Malnutrition in Latin America; Food Insecurity


Xiaojin Chen

Xiaojin Chen

Associate Professor, Sociology, School of Liberal Arts

(504) 862-3008 |

Migration and Children's Development in China; Developmental and Life Course Criminology;  Victimization; Social Statistics 


Marina Craciun

Mariana Craciun

Assistant Professor, Sociology, School of Liberal Arts

(504) 862-3002 |

Sociology of Medicine and Mental Health; Science and Technology Studies; Qualitative Methods 


Michael Cunningham

Michael Cunningham

Associate Provost, Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

Professor, Psychology and African and African American Diaspora Studies, School of Liberal Arts  

Suzanne and Stephen Weiss Presidential Fellow

(504) 862-3308 |

Adolescent Development; Resilience and Vulnerability in African American Children and Adolescents


Allison Emmerson

Allison Emmerson

Assistant Professor, Classical Studies, School of Liberal Arts

504-862-3083 |

Roman Archaeology; Pompeii; Ancient Italy; Urbanism; Death and the City


Francisco Estrada-Belli

Francisco Estrada-Belli

Research Assistant Professor, Archaeology, School of Liberal Arts 

(504) 865-5335 |

Maya Archaeology; Remote Sensing and Lidar; Geographic Information Systems


Reggie Ferreira

Associate Professor, School of Social Work

Program Director, Disaster Resilience Leadership Academy

(504) 862-3479 |

Community Disaster Resilience; Social Vulnerability Studies; Special Needs Populations


Charles R. Figley

Charles R. Figley

Associate Dean for Research, School of Social Work

Professor, School of Social Work

Paul Henry Kurzweg Distinguished Chair in Disaster Mental Health 

Director, Traumatology Institute

(504) 862-3473 |

Traumatology; Disaster Mental Health; Psychosocial Stress


Terrence Fitzmorris

Terrence Fitzmorris

Adjunct Professor, History, School of Liberal Arts 

Associate Dean, School of Continuing Studies

(504) 865-5555 |

Louisiana History from the 1840s to Civil Rights Era; New Orleans History; Irish and Irish-American Life; Louisiana During Huey Long's regime


Samantha Francois

Samantha Francois

Assistant Professor, School of Social Work

504-862-3496 |

Adolescent Development, Vulnerability, and Resilience in African American Communities; Systemic Violence; School-to-Prison Pipeline


Guadalupe Garcia

Guadalupe García

Associate Professor, History, Latin American Studies, School of Liberal Arts

(504) 862-8539 |

History of Cities in Latin America and the Caribbean; Colonialism, Race, and Mapping


Ruben Garcia Rubio

Rubén García Rubio

Assistant Professor, School of Architecture 

504-314-2327 |

Architecture and Urbanism


Maurya W. Glaude

Maurya W. Glaude

Professor of Practice, School of Social Work

(504) 247-1456 |

Adolescent Development, Mental Health, Continuing Care Services, and Substance Use Disorders; Culturally Relevant Practice Models


Kevin Fox Gotham

Professor, Sociology, School of Liberal Arts

Director, Urban Studies Program

Associate Dean of Graduate Programs, School of Liberal Arts

(504) 862-3004 |

Urban Sociology; Comparative-Historical Sociology; Sociology of Culture, Race and Ethnicity


Tonya Cross Hansel

Tonya Cross Hansel

DSW Program Director, School of Social Work

(504) 247-1450 |

Disaster Mental Health; Trauma; Program Evaluation and Service Outcome Research


Douglas N. Harris

Douglas N. Harris

Professor, Chair, Economics, School of Liberal Arts

Schleider Foundation Chair in Public Education

(504) 862-8352 |

Economics of Education; Teacher Labor Markets; Charter Schools


Andy Horowitz

Assistant Professor of History, School of Liberal Arts

(504) 862-8608 |

Modern American Political; Cultural and Environmental History


Brian Horowitz

Sizeler Family Professor, Jewish Studies, School of Liberal Arts

(504) 862-3075 |

Jewish Urbanism; Central and Eastern Europe; Israeli Politics, Economics, and Culture


Oliver Houck

Professor, Latin American Studies, School of Law

(504) 865-5946 |

Environmental, Natural Resources and Criminal Law; Wildlife, Wetland, Coastal and Pollution Issues


Xin Jiang

Xin Jiang

Assistant Professor, Sociology, School of Liberal Arts

Juvenile Delinquency, Criminology; Immigrant Assimilation


Katherine Johnson

Katherine Johnson

Associate Professor, Sociology, School of Liberal Arts

(504) 862-3016 |

Sociology of Reproduction; Sociology of Health, Illness, and Healthcare; Family Sociology; Sociology of Gender, Feminist Theory


Margarita Jover

Margarita Jover

Associate Professor, School of Architecture

(504) 314-2334 |

Ecologies of Urban Prosperity; Socioecological Urbanism; Flooding Dynamics and Public Space


Jesse Keenan

Associate Professor of Real Estate, School of Architecture

(504) 314-2331 |

Real Estate and Infrastructure; Climate Change Adaptation; Building Science and Economics; Environmental Finance; Federal, State and Local Climate Policy; Housing Studies


Carl Kendall

Carl Kendall

Professor, Global Community Health and Behavioral Sciences, School of Public Health & Tropical Medicine

Director, Center for Global Health Equity, School of Public Health & Tropical Medicine

(504) 988-5347 |

Sociocultural Components of Disease; Medical Anthropology; HIV prevention and Treatment; Health Disparities


Sally J. Kenney

Newcomb College Endowed Chair and Professor, Political Science, School of Liberal Arts

Executive Director, Newcomb College Institute

(504) 865-5422 |

Women and Politics; Feminist Organizations; and Feminist Social Movements.


Michael Kuczynski

Michael Kuczynski

Professor, English, School of Liberal Arts

(504) 869-8150 |

Chaucer and Middle English Literature; Religion and Literature in Medieval and Early Modern England; Poetry and the Visual Arts


J. Celeste Lay

Associate Professor, Political Science, School of Liberal Arts

(504) 862-8323 |

American Political Behavior; Political Socialization; Rural and Urban Politics; Voting Behavior, and Public Policy


Amalia Leguizamón

Assistant Professor, Sociology, School of Liberal Arts

(504) 862-3009 |

Political Economy of the Environment in Latin America; Social Movements; Agrarian and Food studies; Resource Extraction Projects and Technologies


Camilo Arturo Leslie

Assistant Professor, Sociology, School of Liberal Arts

Sociology of Law and Economics; Comparative and Historical Sociology; White-Collar Crime


Marva L. Lewis

Marva L. Lewis

Associate Professor, School of Social Work

Parent-Child Attachment; Racism-Based Stress; Culturally Valid Research Methods; Colorism in African American Families


Jana K. Lipman

Jana K. Lipman

Associate Professor, History, School of Liberal Arts

(504) 862-8618 |

Immigration; Refugees; Labor and Working Class History; US Empire


Aubrey Spriggs Madkour

Associate Professor, Global Community Health and Behavioral Sciences, School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine

(504) 988-3540 |

Adolescent Health and Development; Teen Dating Violence; Social and Determinants of Health; Sexual and Reproductive Health


Adeline Masquelier

Professor, Anthropology, School of Liberal Arts

(504) 862-3594 |

Cultural Anthropology; Religion; Medicine; Gender; West Africa


Nancy Maveety

Professor, Chair, Political Science, School of Liberal Arts

(504) 862-8300 |

U.S. Supreme Court Studies; Judicial Decision Making; Comparative Judicial Politics


Vicki Mayer

Associate Dean for Academic Initiatives and Curriculum

Professor, Communications, School of Liberal Arts

(504) 862-3035 |

Media Audiences, Production Studies, Communication Labor, Political Economy; Citizenship and Culture, Latin American and Latino Media, Alternative and Community Media


Catherine McKinley

Associate Professor, School of Social Work

(504) 862-3495 |

Indigenous Communities; Historical Oppression; Family Violence; Mental Health Disparities



Laura McKinney

Associate Professor, Sociology, School of Liberal Arts

(504) 862-3013 |

Environmental Sociology; Global Social Change and Development; Global and Local Sustainability; Rural and Community Development; Quantitative Methodologies


John McLachlan

Professor, Pharmacology, School of Medicine

Weatherhead Distinguished Professor, Environmental Studies

Adjunct Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

(504) 988-6910 |

Developmental Pharmacology; Environmental Estrogens; Human Health and Behavior


Laura Murphy

Clinical Associate Professor, Global Community Health and Behavioral Sciences, School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine

Lead Convener, Graduate and Professional Programs and Coordinator of Design Thinking Outreach at the Taylor Center

(504) 988-2681 |

Social Innovation and Design; Environmental Change and Sustainability; Technology; Global Development Theories and Practice


Christopher Oliver

Professor of Practice, Sociology, Environmental Studies, School of Liberal Arts

Jill H. and Avram A. Glazer Professorship and Carnegie Corporation of New York, Professor of Social Entrepreneurship III, Taylor Center for Social Innovation and Design Thinking

(504) 865-5541 |

Urban Political Ecology; Environmental Sociology; Urban Development and State Policies; Human Health and Behavior; Housing and Inequality


Stephen Ostertag

Associate Professor, Sociology, School of Liberal Arts

(504) 862-3023 |

Cultural Sociology; Media Sociology; Cognition, Crime and Incarceration; Social Control; Media Representations of Racism and Systemic Oppression


Marlene Otte

Marline Otte

Associate Professor, Sizeler Professorship of History, School of Liberal Arts

(504) 862-8621 |

Modern European History; Germany and Cultural History; German Popular Entertainment


Stacy Overstreet

Stacy Overstreet

Professor, Psychology, School of Science and Engineering

(504) 862-3332 |

Childhood Trauma and Chronic Stress; Family Violence; School-Based Intervention; Trauma-Informed Care


Patrick Rafail

Patrick Rafail

Associate Professor, Sociology, School of Liberal Arts

(504) 862-3001 |

Social Movements and Collective Behavior; Applied Statistics; Political Sociology; Social Control; Complex Organizations; Urban Policing; Machine Learning; Natural Language Processing.


Carol McMichael Reese

Favrot Professor, School of Architecture

Co-director, Urban Studies Minor program, School of Liberal Arts

(504) 314-2328 |

Art and Architectural History, Theory, and Criticism, 19th-21st Centuries; Urban History and Design; Critical History and Theory of Urbanization; Techniques of Architectural and Urban Representation; Critical Studies of Museum Design and Installation; Research Methodologies; Critical History and Theory of Latin American Urbanization


Thomas F. Reese

Thomas F. Reese

Executive Director, Roger Thayer Stone Center for Latin American Studies

Professor, Art History, School of Liberal Arts

(504) 865-5164 |

Eighteenth-Century Spanish Art and Politics; Cultural Contact in Sixteenth-Century Mexico; Devotional Space in Colonial Andean Society; Contemporary Architectural Practice in Europe and the Americas; Critical History and Theory of Latin American Urbanization


Matt K. Sakakeeny

Matt K. Sakakeeny

Associate Professor, Music, Ethnomusicology, School of Liberal Arts

(504) 865-5274 |

New Orleans Culture; African American Music; the Intersection of Music, Race, and Power


Mimi Schippers

Mimi Schippers

Professor, Chair, Sociology, Gender and Sexuality Studies, School of Liberal Arts

(504) 862-3011 |

Gender and Sexuality; Feminist Theory; Social Theory and Cultural Studies; Queer Theory, Polyamory, and Non-Monogamies


Kenneth Schwartz

Kenneth Schwartz

Professor, School of Architecture

Michael Sacks Chair in Civic Engagement and Social Entrepreneurship, Director of Phyllis Taylor Center for Social Innovation and Design Thinking

(504) 314-2376 |

Community Planning; Design Excellence in Architecture; Civic Engagement and Social Innovation


Thomas W. Sherry

Thomas W. Sherry

Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, School of Science and Engineering
Siegel Professor of Social Entrepreneurship, Phyllis M. Taylor Center for Social Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking

(504) 862-8296 |

Migratory Bird Ecology; Tropical Ecology and Evolution; Conservation Biology; Global Climate Change


G. Eduardo Silva

G. Eduardo Silva

Lydian Chair Professor, Friezo Foundation Chair, Political Science, School of Liberal Arts

(504) 862-8312 |

Latin American Politics; Comparative Political Economy; Sustainable Development


David Smilde

David Smilde

Charles A. and Leo M. Favrot Professor of Social Relations, Sociology, School of Liberal Arts

(504) 862-3012 |

Sociology of Culture; Sociology of Religion; Social Movements; Political Sociology; Human Rights and Latin America


Benjamin Smith

Assistant Professor, School of Architecture 

Director of Graduate Programs, Architecture

(504) 314-2335 |

Advanced Architectural Practices; Architecture and Aesthetics; Institutions and Pedagogy


Nicholas Randolph Spitzer

Nicholas Randolph Spitzer

Professor, American Studies, Professor, Anthropology

(504) 865-5336 |

American Vernacular Music; Ethnography of Gulf South Expressive Culture; Cultural Conservation; Creoles and Cultural Creolization; Public Cultural Policy; Creative Practice as Producer and Host of American Routes (Co-produced by American Public Media)


John H. Stubbs

John H. Stubbs

Director, Master of Preservation Studies

Christovich Senior Professor of Preservation Practice

(504) 314-2367 |

International Architectural Preservation; Architectural History; Preservation Planning


Catherine Taylor

Catherine Taylor

Associate Professor, Department of Community Health and Behavioral Sciences

(504) 988-0292 |

Children, Social Norms, and Violence Prevention; Child Maltreatment, Intimate Partner Violence and their Co-occurrence; Child Physical Abuse; Determinants of Childhood Aggression; Mass Media/Communication and Public Health; Primary Prevention; Program Evaluation; Social Epidemiology


Katherine Theall

Katherine Theall

Associate Professor, Cecile Usdin Professorship in Women's Health

Director, Mary Amelia Women's Center, Department of Global Community Health & Behavioral Science, Public Health & Tropical Medicine

(504) 988-4535 |

Social Determinants of Health; Social Epidemiology; Women and Children's Mental and Behavioral Health


Allison Truitt

Allison Truitt

Associate Professor, Anthropology, Urban Studies

(504) 862-3058 |

Sociocultural Anthropology; Economic Transformations; Money and Other Means of Circulation; Cities, Consumption, and Globalization; Southeast Asia, Vietnam


Mark Van Landingham

Mark Van Landingham

Thomas C. Keller Professor, Department of Global Community Health and Behavioral Sciences, School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine

(504) 988-2113 |

Migration and Health; Immigrant Health; Disasters and Health; and HIV/AIDS


Chad Van Schoelandt

Chad Van Schoelandt

Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy

(504) 862-3379 |

Social and Political Philosophy; Political Economy; Social Norms and Social Morality


Lindsay Weixler

Lindsay Weixler

Research Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology
Co-Director, New Orleans Early Education Research Alliance

Early Childhood Education; Child Development; Education Policy; Educational Equity and Access; Research-Practice Partnerships