D Lagomarsino


School of Liberal Arts
Dina Lagomarsino

Education & Affiliations

M.A. Sociology of Education, New York University


D Lagomarsino (s/he, they) is a doctoral candidate of sociology in Tulane's City, Culture, and Community program. Currently, she is completing her dissertation, an ethnography of content creators who use social media to display and monetize their hairy, non-normative bodies.

In their six years at the university, D has: organized symposiums; worked with Project IX to address sexual assault on campus; worked as a legislative assistant with Congresswoman Lois Frankel for an eight month appointment in DC as the 2017 Lindy Boggs Fellow; published a chapter about critical pedagogy and LGBTQ high school educators in a Bloomsbury compilation about Paulo Freire; and taught Social Problems and Sociology of the Family

D is a lifelong educator and student, committed to bridging gaps between the public and private and addressing root causes of systemic issues. Whether working on issues around education, sexual violence, social media, or the role of hair in gender, racial, or sexual stratification, he strives to work with others to dismantle systems of oppression without reproducing structures of power. 

Research Interests

Sociology of the Body, Sociology of Gender, Sociology of Social Media  Feminist Theory, Queer Theory, Body Hair