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Students who are accepted into the CCC Program receive funding from the university for five years in the form of a tuition waiver and a teaching assistantship (TA-IS, instructional support position), providing they meet the requirements of the program. The CCC Program director, in consultation with the CCC Steering Committee, makes TA appointments on a semester-by-semester basis. Advanced CCC students who have completed the dissertation prospectus are encouraged to consider teaching a course of their own (TA-I position).

Tulane faculty with substantial external research grants are sometimes able to offer research assistantships (RA position) to CCC students, which take the place of the TA assignment. When a CCC student takes an RA position or receives an external fellowship, CCC funding can be extended beyond five years.

Prospective CCC students should be aware that assistantships are paid on a nine-month basis, from late August through late May. Because summer research productivity is important to the timely completion of the PhD degree, CCC students are strongly encouraged to pursue additional funding for support in the summer months. Such funding often takes the form of summer TA or RA positions.

CCC students have found additional support and funding for their research in university initiatives undertaken by the New Orleans Center for the Gulf South, the Bywater Institute, and the Center for Public Service.


Above: Sunrise on the "Fly," an extension of Audubon Park, at the Mississippi River (photo by Ryan Rivet, © Tulane University 2015)